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Tally Ho Stables

Great Park

Windsor Great Park is a 5000 acre deer park which sits on the border of Berkshire and Surrey, just south of Windsor Castle and north of Ascot race course.

For many centuries the park was the private hunting ground to the castle, which preserved its natural beauty, forests and deer whilst much of the surrounding area has become farmland and towns.

Today it has become a favourite retreat for many Londoners keen to leave the city behind and take a stroll through the lush greens meadows and ancient oak trees, alongside the River Bourne and its picturesque ponds or along the Long Walk with it’s striking castle views.

We welcome enquiries on any aspect of the riding school, our friendly team are always available to answer questions or take bookings.

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An ancient history

Windsor Castle was built in the 11th Century by William the Conqeror and the Great Park was formally defined in 1240 by Henry III. Besides hunting the area also supplied wood, boar and fish to a succession of royalty all of whom enjoyed horse riding through its landscape; Edward III bred horses here in the 14th Century, Victoria chose its idyllic surroundings to mourn her beloved Albert and our own Queen used to entertain official guests with rides through it.

Later development

In the last few centuries hunting pursuits declined as the park came under control of Government and monarchs turned to building and gardening exercises, creating the vast ponds, avenues of elm trees and monuments like statues and obelisks. In the 1940’s food shortages caused by the war demanded that thousands of acres be turned to agriculture but 5000 acres remained untouched to be enjoyed by people from around the world today.

Bronze Statue of Queen Elizabeth in Windsor Great Park
Deer in Great Park

The modern park

This long history and development through centuries of changing society have created a really unique and wonderful place; sweeping deer lawns meet ancient woodlands and wildlife of all kinds still abounds. A great place to walk it is even more wonderful to ride through it just as the monarchs of old did, taking in over a thousand years of history, wonderful man-made landscaping and still wild natural beauty.

Tally ho!

We’ve come to know the park intimately, riding here in our own time as often as we bring visitors, it still holds surprises for us every day and watching the colours and nature changing with the seasons is quite magical.

Whether you want to experience the park or the riding the combination makes for a day you’ll never forget; contact us at any time to learn more about the park or book your own day experiencing it for yourself!